We've Earned a Certificate of Excellence

Los Tres Tiempos has been recognized with a 2017 Certificate of Excellence, based on the consistently great reviews we’ve earned on TripAdvisor.

Our concept

At Los Tres Tiempos we transport our most valued culinary traditions to a contemporary atmosphere; a confortable and relaxed ambiance where you can experience the favored dishes that Guatemalans enjoy every day whether at home, in the local markets, or on the streets.

Los Tres Tiempos is where a group of friends can pass a Saturday afternoon on the terrace, under the sun, enjoying a classic michelada and sancking on carnitas, or chorizos de Huehuetenango, or a platter of mixtas, shukos and elotes asados. Los Tres Tiempos i where a family can spend an entire Sunday afternoon delighting in a churrasco or lomo adobado, finishing with café con leche while partaking in the popular custom of "sobremesa". Los Tres Tiempos is the oasis for weary travelers, who after spending hours strolling the cobblestone streets of Antigua, are looking for the perfect place to cool off with a refreshing tamarindo beverage, a place where they can connect to Guatemalan culture through its savory cuisine.